What Can We Expect from the Real Estate Market in 2015?

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With a new year upon us, there is no better time to take a look back and recap the year we just experienced. 

We saw a lot of changes in 2014. For one, prices increased significantly, which is great news for homeowners. We saw this increase mostly due to the fact that the market was saturated with buyers and there weren't a lot of great listings for sale. Homes that hit the market in great condition and in a favorable location were getting top dollar and selling fast. We've seen that trend continue here in Trussville as we entered the new year.

Another promising trend we saw in 2014 was a decrease in the amount of time it took to sell a home, as the average days on market dropped from six months to about three months. Moreover, our teams' listings dropped from 80 days to only 31 days on the market, which we were very excited about! 

Interest rates were pretty stable in 2014, rising and falling only slightly throughout the year. Mostly, they hovered between 4% and 4.5%. Everything we're seeing now points to
an increase in pricing. We're still seeing a pretty slow market, as there aren't many really good listings out there right now. If you have a home that's in solid condition, NOW is the time to list it. No one's really sure what interest rates will do - common sense says they're due to rise, but there's no way to know when or by how much. 

The only thing we can be sure about is the current condition of the market, which is pretty solid. If you want to sit down and discuss your options, we'd be happy to hear from you. Give us a call or shoot us a quick email with all your questions and we'll figure out what's best for you.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!