How Can You Take Advantage of Trussville Real Estate?

The real estate market has slowed down a bit as of late, and we're starting to see buyers that are a little hesitant because they've heard that interest rates have gone up. While this is true, the loans we've been closing for our buyers have all been in the high 3's or low 4's. This means that you can still buy a home very affordably right now. There is still some really good inventory out in Trussville and Birmingham, so don't stop looking just because it's fall!

Now is actually a great time to be selling a home in Trussville. Conventional knowledge would tell you that the market slows down during this time of year, but with fewer sellers on the market, that means less competition when you put your home up for sale. Buyers are really motivated to purchase homes, so you can sell quickly and get top dollar for your property.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for watching these videos and checking up on us via this blog. Your referrals have helped us to sell 125 homes this year. We expect to sell 150, so please contact us if you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Have an Incredible Open House

A lot of people think that using an open house to sell a home is really old-fashioned. While I don't completely disagree with that opinion, using an open house to sell a home really can work, but it depends on your home.

When it comes to open houses, the location, condition, and price are what drive the success or failure of the event. In our most recent open house, the property was right on the edge of downtown Trussville, and that helped immensely during the sale.

We also put out some yard signs advertising the open house, and we came in and staged the home for our seller to make it as appealing as possible to buyers. When we had the home looking nice, we then worked with the sellers and assigned a great price to the home. These particular sellers were very smart, and they priced the home just below market value.

The result of this pricing strategy is that we now have six full-price offers on the home. Realistically, this seller will not have to pay closing costs and they're going to get more than the list price of their home.

Open houses do work! It just takes some careful planning and prep work. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us today if you'd like to find out if an open house would work for your home.

As always, consider us your #1 resource for real estate in Trussville.

Tips for a Stress-Free Closing Process in Trussville

Today I want to talk about strategies that can reduce stress during the closing process of your home. It's an extremely important time during the transaction, and because it's so significant, it can easily get stressful. On average, the closing period tends to take about 30-45 days.

I have some easy steps you can take in order to ensure a smooth closing process.

1. Make sure your agent knows what is happening. Communication is critical during this process, and you want to hire an agent that is a good communicator.

2. Communicate with your lender, too. If you can communicate well with your lender, then everything else should go very smoothly.

3. Be very careful with your finances during this time frame. I have seen people go out and buy a new car or new furnishings for their home, and they end up losing the home because they've upset their debt to income ratio. Don't make any large purchases during this period, it's as easy as that.

4.Things will always pop up during the process, so remember to stay calm. It's the job of the lender and the real estate agent to ensure you a smooth transaction. No home sale is ever perfect, so please be aware of that.

If you can follow these steps, your closing process should be relatively painless. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to talk to you about real estate in Trussville!

What Can You Expect Out of the Trussville Real Estate Market?

Today I'd like to give you a brief market update for Trussville and the surrounding areas in Birmingham. Whether you're buying or selling, this information should come in handy for you.

The market saw a bit of a lull in August, but in September things seem to be returning back to normal. We have listed 25 properties in the past three weeks and we have some good inventory around.

We're seeing more contracts being accepted, and we're also seeing some really good prices. Overall, we're shifting towards a seller's market, so if you've been thinking about selling, please don't hesitate to do so now..

On the flip-side, interest rates are still very, very low. They are hovering right around 4%. If you lock in a low rate right now, you can save hundreds of thousands or dollars over the lifetime of your loan.

On a side note, we would like to thank all of our customers and clients for having such a successful year. We've sold 100 homes so far this year, but we still plan on reaching our goal of 150 homes. So, if you know anyone who wants to buy or sell in the Trussville area, please let us know.

It's a great time to be in the real estate market!

How Can You Ensure Your Trussville Real Estate Experience Goes Smoothly?

Many people are unaware of how crucial communication is when buying or selling real estate. Today, we explain why it's so important and the role it plays in a smooth real estate transaction.

Selling a home is the largest transaction most people are ever involved in, and it can be a bit complicated at times. It's extremely important that communication is kept at the highest possible level. To make this happen, we make ourselves available to our clients around the clock and even encourage our clients to reach out to us with all of their concerns, comments, and questions throughout the process.

Our team has recently had some outstanding growth. This is great news for our clients, as we have brought on additional staff to help us communicate at a high level with each and every one of our clients. Additionally, we have a marketing coordinator and a transaction coordinator to ensure everyone we are working with is constantly in touch with us!

If you have any questions for us, or if you need real estate assistance of any kind, don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. We are always available to chat!

What's Going on in Trussville?

Today, we'll talk about market conditions here in Trussville and the surrounding Birmingham area.

Conditions are fantastic and the market is very active. Sellers are seeing very quick responses, and we're still saving buyers money. There's a lot of great properties available now, so if you're looking to buy, now is the time.

Right before school starts is always an interesting time for the market. We've seen a little bit of a slow down, but once everyone is back from vacation and back in the groove, things will pick up again. The real estate market looks like it will finish strong this year.

Interest rates are rising just a little bit, but they are still hovering around 4.0% and 4.25%, which is outstanding news for buyers. We keep hearing that the rates will creep up soon, but no one knows when exactly that will happen, or how much rates will rise. We would love to put you in touch with a lender who can get you started now.

I also wanted to update you on our team goal of selling 150 houses for the year. As of the end of July, we've sold 90 homes, so we have 60 homes left to go. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell, please refer them to us. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. We'd be happy to help you!

Our Newest Buyer Agent is Ready to Get to Work!

Hey everyone, today we are happy to be joined by our newest buyer's agent here at The Josh Vernon Group, Sandy Mills. Today Sandy is with us to talk a little about her decision to join our team, and what she is looking forward to about the job. 

Sandy is from Irondale and has loved this area her whole life. Her background is in banking and education, which has prepared her for helping customers find the best deals.

About three years ago, I helped Sandy and her husband find a home in Clay, and they had a great experience. She knew coming in that she would get to work with some great agents, and learn from people who have been doing this for a while.

When we brought Sandy on, we sat her down and went over her goals. Since she is specifically focusing on buyers, we have set a goal for Sandy to be able to do at least 40 transactions per year. She can't wait to get started!

If you have any questions for Sandy, you can reach her at (256)-810-5296 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

What Do We Expect for Real Estate in 2015?

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to visit us today. We are here today to talk about market conditions in Trussville, Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We are definitely trending more towards a seller's market right now. We are seeing sellers sell their homes faster and for close to list price, but that shouldn't scare away buyers. There are still plenty of great homes available for purchase. 

We are continuing to see this market get better and better. Homes are selling faster than they were last year, but some of that depends on sellers getting their homes ready and priced properly. We will continue to see this seller's market for the foreseeable future.

In the Trussville/Birmingham market, homes are sitting on the market for an average of 90 days before they are sold. Our team is averaging between 50-60 days, and hoping to bring that number even lower as the market continues to heat up. 

We put out some very lofty goals in 2014 of selling 100 homes and are happy to report that we sold 108. This year, our goals are even loftier, and with the addition of Lauren to our team, we are on track to sell over 150 homes this year. 

We won't reach our goals alone, however. If you or somebody you know is thinking about buying or selling in our area, let us know. We would be more than happy to help!

What Should You Do in a Multiple Offer Situation?

We're seeing multiple offers on homes in Trussville that are priced right and in good condition. This is great for sellers, but it can be an uphill battle for buyers. However, there are ways to win out in a multiple offer situation.

There is a common belief that the best and most appealing offer on a home is a cash offer. While some sellers are just looking for a large amount of money, others are simply looking for the most convenient offer. Sometimes a seller is more intrigued by a larger amount of earnest money, or a buyer who is willing to forgo inspections on the property. 

You need to figure out the motivation of the seller in order to write them the most appealing offer. 

On the flip side, if you're selling, having multiple offers on a home is a great problem to have. However, money shouldn't be the only thing you're looking at. Sometimes buyers can agree to pay for closing costs and inspections. Looking for a pre-approval letter is also important. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to work closely with your Realtor and make an educated decision on which offer will benefit you the most.

Hopefully you'll find this information useful as you head into the busy spring market here in Trussville. If we can do anything to help you, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Meet the Newest Addition to the Josh Vernon Group

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The Trussville market is booming right now. In fact, it's getting to the point where we're listing homes as fast as we can, but still need some extra help. 

Today, we want to introduce you to our first new hire, as we try to accommodate the rising demand for real estate assistance in our area. Her name is Lauren Heyman and will be our new listing specialist! We're very excited to have her on! 

Lauren is excited about joining the Josh Vernon Group. She recently moved to the Birmingham/Trussville area to be closer to family. She was on a top-producing team in Louisiana and found us when she was looking for another top team to join when moving to Alabama. She was looking for a team that was ethical and had high standards, and came across our team as a result! 

We would like to thank our network, a member of which introduced us to Lauren! We think she's going to be a great fit for our team and we're excited to have her! Lauren will be our new listing specialist, but we still need a buyer specialist to help us continue our growth! If you know anyone who would like to join a successful and fun team, don't keep us a secret! 

Thanks, and have a fantastic day! 

The Importance of Finding Good Lenders When Buying a Home

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Today we'll be discussing the importance of finding good financing when you're looking to buy a home. It's incredibly important to get Pre-approved by a mortgage lender even before you start looking at homes, because this way you can determine what you'll be able to spend and it will narrow down your home search quite a bit.

We have Donna Lowery with us today from Renasant bank to help us discuss the importance of finding a good lender when you buy a home. Determining what loan option you need will require you to answer a few questions for your mortgage lender, because everyone's needs are all different. 

Your credit score will be a major factor in choosing which loan program will suit you best, but so will your future plans. It's really important to go out and get pre-approved before you go out and start looking. Otherwise you risk looking for homes that you cannot afford, and that would be a waste of your valuable time. 

Just so everyone knows, Donna has worked with at least 25 of our first-time home buyers and set them up with fantastic loan programs. She is a fantastic resource if you're looking to buy a home in Birmingham. 

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about real estate in Birmingham.

Are You Looking for a More Rewarding Career?

We have many great Trussville homes for sale. Click here to perform a full home search, or if you're thinking about selling your home, click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation so you know what buyers will pay for your home in today's market. You may also call me at (205)706-5260 for a FREE home buying and selling consultation to answer any of your real estate questions.

With 2015 in the full swing, we thought we should take a look at our success and failures from 2014 and set our goals for this year accordingly.

In 2014, we set the (crazy!) goal of selling 100 homes by the end of the year. We're very excited to announce that - thanks to you, your friends, and your family - we actually reached that goal! We sold 108 homes last year that were worth a total of about $15 million.

We hope to grow even more in 2015 by adding another buyer agent. With another agent we think we can sell 150 homes for a total of around $20 million in real estate. This is yet another lofty goal, but we really think we're capable of making it happen, especially because you've all proven to be so supportive of our team.

In order to reach our goals this year, we need some help. We are currently looking for hard-working and personable person to join our thriving team! We're looking for someone who is talented and caring, someone who has high standards and is willing to put clients first in all that we do! If you or someone you know is interested in a career in real estate, give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to sit down with you and see if you're the right fit for our ever-growing team! 

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

What Can We Expect from the Real Estate Market in 2015?

We have many great Trussville homes for sale. Click here to perform a full home search, or if you're thinking about selling your home, click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation so you know what buyers will pay for your home in today's market. You may also call me at (205)706-5260 for a FREE home buying and selling consultation to answer any of your real estate questions.

With a new year upon us, there is no better time to take a look back and recap the year we just experienced. 

We saw a lot of changes in 2014. For one, prices increased significantly, which is great news for homeowners. We saw this increase mostly due to the fact that the market was saturated with buyers and there weren't a lot of great listings for sale. Homes that hit the market in great condition and in a favorable location were getting top dollar and selling fast. We've seen that trend continue here in Trussville as we entered the new year.

Another promising trend we saw in 2014 was a decrease in the amount of time it took to sell a home, as the average days on market dropped from six months to about three months. Moreover, our teams' listings dropped from 80 days to only 31 days on the market, which we were very excited about! 

Interest rates were pretty stable in 2014, rising and falling only slightly throughout the year. Mostly, they hovered between 4% and 4.5%. Everything we're seeing now points to
an increase in pricing. We're still seeing a pretty slow market, as there aren't many really good listings out there right now. If you have a home that's in solid condition, NOW is the time to list it. No one's really sure what interest rates will do - common sense says they're due to rise, but there's no way to know when or by how much. 

The only thing we can be sure about is the current condition of the market, which is pretty solid. If you want to sit down and discuss your options, we'd be happy to hear from you. Give us a call or shoot us a quick email with all your questions and we'll figure out what's best for you.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!